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Abdi Raissi, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 4.95 (22 patient reviews and ratings)
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Raissi.
“Dr. Raissi, Rosanne and I would like to thank you and LJ for the outstanding care you've provided throughout her toe surgery and recovery. We have great admiration and respect for you as a surgeon, and we are very pleased with the outcome. We're telling all our friends how competent you are. We wish you and your families well. Thank you, John & Rosanne”
– John & Rosanne
“Dr. Raissi was very knowledgeable about my foot problem. After seeing the x-rays, he thoroughly explained the surgery and what he was going to do to correct the lousy situation another foot doctor had caused. He told me what to do after surgery and how to take care of the foot. He did an excellent job of repairing my foot damage. I am very grateful to him.”
– Patricia N.
“Dr. Raissi performed surgery on my bunion and two hammertoes which included a bone graft, plate w/screws, and pins. He is very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained the procedure and what to expect afterward. The surgery was successful, and all toes are now straight. I’m so pleased with Dr. Raissi who has relieved years of my foot pain. He’s fantastic, and I highly recommend him.”
– Gail H.
“Everything was excellent, thank you from a great staff and such care!”
– Francisco T.
“Dr. Raissi is wonderful. He made me feel comfortable and cared about from the moment he came into the office. During every visit, he takes the time to answer any questions and never makes me feel rushed. Additionally, all of the office staff, and particularly LJ, are also kind and caring.”
– Kellie N.
“From the first meeting to the last, I felt that Dr. Raissi wasn't rushed, or merely filling his time slot--very professional, and intent on doing the right thing for my long-term foot health.”
– Mary W.
“Very caring, demonstrated a high level of professionalism in providing information about the procedures to be used and what to expect. Was always open to any questions and concerns, willing to listen to make sure I was comfortable with what was planned.”
– Brian G.
“Great! Made me feel comfortable and let me know what was going on.”
– Noel P.
“Dr. Raissi provided a clear diagnosis of my injury and gave me the options for treatment. I opted to have surgery to repair a split tendon in my ankle and Dr. Raissi and his staff were compassionate, professional and competent. I was able to quickly get the surgery scheduled and I am now on the road to full recovery.”
– Tracey C.
“Fantastic doctor. Very good with all his patients.”
– Tracie A.
“Dr. Raissi is a very kind and caring provider. He explained a possible procedure and spent time answering questions. I have been treated by Dr. Raissi in the past and found him to be an excellent doctor.”
– Rosemary W.
“Always a pleasure. Dr. Raissi is informative and caring. Many thanks to him and his staff.”
– Kim M.
“Dr. Raissi is the best in my book! Before he even saw me, he had another doctor come in, and Dr. Beck trimmed a callous on the bottom of my foot at the surgery site, under my little toe metatarsal, which Dr. Raissi had removed. I'm happy to say that I am now walking around without the pain I'd been having, which I was afraid would lead to more surgery all too soon. If I do need more surgery in the future, I will have Dr, Raissi do it of course.”
– Nancy W.
“Dr. Raissi did a great job putting my ankle back together after I had a terrible break. I do not have any problems doing anything I choose, including exercising (walking 4 miles most days) and playing a lot of golf. Thank you very much Dr Raissi.”
– Thomas O.
“Dr. Raissi was very polite and attentive with my injury.”
– Julie R.
“I never had the opportunity to properly thank you! Both of my feet feel fantastic! You and your crew did an excellent job. I thank you all so much! May God Bless you all. 3 wise men following astrological signs to honor Jesus, as king. Best wishes”
– Helene
“To all patients of Dr. Raissi: Some 40 years ago as a young girl of 24, I took someones advice and had a radical bunionectomy called a "Keller Procedure". In this surgery the entire bunion joint is removed and literally thrown away, leaving the end of the toe not attached to the foot. The only thing keeping it attached is muscle, tendon and skin. All was well for probably 10 years then the end of the toe started to curl over the toe next to it. Finally after f being told that nothing could be done I learned to live with it until March of 2015. That's when Dr. Raissi performed surgery and pinned the 2 bones together. Why no other doctor would come up with a solution is mind boggling. I am so thankful to Dr. Raissi that I can now were closed shoes comfortably without any rubbing whatsoever. I will be forever grateful and I have truly found my orthopedic for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Raissi and your staff for the wonderful care and making wearing shoes again most comfortable.”
– Karen S.
“Dear Dr. Raissi, When I start my work on my feet it was to one day dance at my daughter's wedding without pain and of course to wear elegant shoes. May 16th my daughter Nicole is getting married and I have two pair of stylish sparkle shoes all thanks to your great work. Thank you again”
– Pat
“Dearest Dr. Raissi, Thanks so much for all you have done for us in 2014 - keeping your eyes out for us & juggling your world to accommodate our requests. Happy Holidays & May 2015 be magical for you & your family.”
– The Zarkana Pmed Team
“Good evening Dr. Raissi. I wanted to thank you and your team one more time for taking such good care of me when I broke my foot last year. I am excited to report that I ran the Las Vegas Half-Marathon Sunday night and had an incredible race!! I ran a 1:54:38 putting me in 6 minutes faster than I expected and I was 29th out of 1268 females 50-54. I finished as the 771 female out of 15,832 and the 2425 overall finisher out of 25,267 runners. I had NO real foot pain throughout the race and made it through the 10 week training program without any significant troubles as well. I am thankful for all your skills, advice and care that has put me back not only running but doing triathlon's again and of course riding all our horses too. I hope all is well with you and your staff. Happy Holidays.”
– Susan
“Dear Dr. Raissi and Staff, A simple "thank you" is not enough. Having been your patient 8 years ago for my right foot, I did not hesitate to see you once again this year as I began to have similar problems with my left foot. Being in the nursing profession for 30+ years, healthy feet are essential. I had complete confidence that I was in good hands once again. I so respected your opinion to try conservative treatment at first and not "jump" into surgery as the only option. When that failed, you left the decision for surgery totally up to me, with no pressure whatsoever. Know that you have made a difference in my life and have literally gotten me "back on my feet" and for that I will be eternally grateful. You have created an amazing team of kind, compassionate professionals. Each and every person that I have come in contact with during my surgery and recovery have been a reflection of true professionalism. Please thank LJ for his kindness and caring as he is an amazing asset to your team. I pray that you continue to touch your patients as you have touched me, and once again I am ever so grateful.”
– Donna C.
“Dear Dr. Abdi Raissi, How very "not" nice to be your patient again, but as you did a tremendously amazing job on my left foot, I came back to see you for my right foot! As a lady and a performer, my main concern as of after having a surgery on my foot was: "can i ever wear a high hill shoes again???" please note, being 5'2 feet high its a pretty big fear :). And the answer is "YES"!!!! in fact I can't stop wearing them! It feels like I've never had a problem! If I can possibly have 5 min interview on CNN (:-) all I'd say is : please people you must see Dr. Raissi if you have an orthopedic problems. Dr. Abdi Raissi is professional, caring, protective, kind doctor, in simpler way of saying with all my confidence, he is the BEST! THANK YOU”
– Gyulnara K.
“Hello my name is Pete G. and I would like to share my story about a very serious ankle injury I had in a motorcycle accident. March 4th 2010 I was out for a evening drive up at Red Rock Canyon and a Rabbit ran out on the road and I couldn't avoid it doing 65 mph and bam I slammed to the ground and slid for what seemed to be forever and stopped after i flipped into the desert. After realizing i was still alive i tried to get up and walk to the road and very quickly i realized I couldn't walk and had major pain in my left ankle and fell to the ground. lucky for me a passing car stopped and a woman found me and got me an ambulance, upon arriving to the emergency room i was put into x-ray and the doc came to see me and explained how severe my ankle was broken 1 being a minor break 10 being the worst i was at an 11 at that point i went into 5 hour surgery to put 10 screws into my ankle to try and put it back together. Now lets fast forward two years and many doctors that didn't help me, and an ankle that became very deformed and I couldn't walk this included not being able to play with my 9 year old daughter. i worked in extreme pain daily and almost found it impossible to work as an Executive Chef on the Las Vegas strip. Now lets get to the part where i was referred to the doctor who not only put my ankle back together but helped me put my life back together Dr. Raissi, when I arrived at the doc's office and being sent to x-ray i met the two people that would eventually give me my life back Dr. Raissi and his Assistant LJ. Dr. Raissi came into the room and explained to me after looking at my x-ray and visually examining my ankle that it was pretty bad and in his professional opinion I had 2 options 1 was ankle fusion the other was amputation below the knee which let me say made my stomach turn. After talking for a while the doc and I decide with the ankle fusion, and Dr. Raissi was up front with me and honest and said i had a 50/50 shot at success which from where i was was pretty good odds. I would like to add at this point how great the doc and his staff treated me and talked to me and treated me like a person and not a number or just another paycheck they were great from the time i walked into the office till now almost 6 months later. After surgery i have to say it hurt pretty bad because the doc had to work on me for about 5 hours, the doc came out and talked to me and explained how it went and told me what i should do after going home. I will try and shorten the end of this story by saying that Dr. Raissi told me what to do over the 4 month period of healing which included electronic bone simulator and i listened to every word and followed it by the letter. In the end the ankle fusion took and i have my life back last week i took my daughter fishing for the first time in nearly 3 years and I can't put into words what that means to me and I have only one person to thank for that THE DOC as i call him Dr. Raissi and his wonderful staff a special thanks to LJ and Allaya you guys are great thank you thank you thank you. ”
– Pete G.
“Being injured is not fun, but I'm glad I could meet you. Thank you dr Raissi.”
– Noriko T.
“My thanks to Doc Raissi  for fixing my foot- Not a knife to the flesh did he want to put. Unlike the first Doc who I went to see He was so adamant - "You need surgery!" Second opinions are  essential to get, I avoided a lot of needless fret. I'm eighty-two years with  a heart that's frail- But now, again as before, I can hit the old trail. Much praise and kudos to good Doctor R.- it goes without saying, he gets a gold star.”
– Bernard H.
“Dear Dr. Raissi, I wanted to say hello and let you know my foot is problem and pain free! Im still doing what I love to do. I hope you and the team are all doing well say hello to them for me and share the photo. You all are amazing and without you I could never be hanging off of a building and making a good living at it. Im working Palazzo/Venetian now and have been for over 6 months. I love my job and thanks to all of you I can still do it. Thank You all from the bottom of my heart! Tomorrow Feb. 2 is the "anniversary" of my accident. Every year for the past 6 yrs I think of you at this time. Every year I am grateful that I got you for my surgeon. I will probably always hate Groundhogs Day because I cant think of it without thinking of that day I could have lost my life. So this day has ups and downs for me. You are one of the ups. So if you get time send me an email so I can have another up for this day next year. Thank you again for all you and the team have done for me, without you guys I wouldn't be walking!!! You guys are also the reason all the memories I have from Feb. 2 2006 and what resulted from that day, are not bad memories. My first office visit at Cheyenne office was where it all went from bad to good! It was a long road but I made it thanks to you all. Well Doc, it's been 8 years today since humptys great fall! Still going strong thanks to you and the team! I m and will always be grateful to have had the best team to fix me! I hope you are all doing well... Hard to believe that I don't feel that giant screw. Your the best! I wish you all happiness!”
– Pamela S.
“Dear Dr. Raissi, I would like to thank you and your incredible staff for the wonderful care I have received. I love the fact that I have always been treated as a person instead of a dollar sign at your office. All my options were discussed in detail prior to surgery . I never felt as though I was being rushed. All my questions were encouraged and always answered. Suggestions, that I would have never thought of, were given to me and made my recovery much easier. If I had a problem I was seen immediately. I have strongly recommended you to colleagues, and friends. Tendon transplant is a very rare surgery and the scar is very small considering all the amazing work you did. You are a very knowledgeable and excellent surgeon with a wonderful bedside manner. As an RN, with 25 years of experience, I was very impressed and amazed with you and your staff. If I ever have to have orthopedic surgery again, Desert Orthopaedic Center is the only place I will go to. Thank you again for being so incredible.”
– Maryosa S.
“While at work, I seriously broke my foot and when I was referred to Dr. Raissi he quickly sprung into action scheduling surgery immediately and professionally. The care given to me over the next 6 months was nothing but the best from the Lobby Crew to His assistant LJ and on down the line. After receiving such great care from him, I also referred a friend who had been having ongoing foot problems and was unable to get satisfaction from her doctors. She also told me the Dr. Raissi had given top notch care. Thank you Dr. !”
– Randy H.
“After suffering a serious work injury, I prayed that my ankle was not broken, but if it was, I wanted to come under the care of Dr. Raissi and his wonderful staff. I experienced firsthand the expertise of Dr. Abdi Raissi. At my initial consultation, the x-rays indicated two fractures, but Dr. Raissi ordered an additional scan in preparation for surgery. A third break was confirmed, and surgery was a success. Although my recovery time exceeded normal limits, Dr. Raissi took every precaution in my healing due to diabetes. I am forever grateful to Dr. Raissi, L.J., and the entire "Team Raissi" for the care and support given to me.”
– Maryanne W.
“As a former professional acrobat I had several injuries to my ankle and had seen a few other surgeons who said they could not help me. Dr. Raissi was able to help me and allow me to perform for a few more years. Many years later when it was finally time to get my ankle fused I went back to Dr. Raissi to have it done. Even my therapist is amazed at how well I am doing after my ankle fusion. At all times he was very upfront about both the rehab process and the potential outcome for the surgeries. Dr. Raissi and the entire staff of D.O.C. have been very nice and extremely helpful. Thank you!”
– Allister B.
“I suffered a broken ankle about 20 years ago; I had surgery and was back to normal. About a year ago I started experiencing arthritis due to the screws present in my ankle from my original surgery. The complication left me in great pain and unable to work or take care of my daily tasks. Even though the situation seemed very bad, Dr.Raissi was able to perform surgery on my ankle which proved to be successful beyond expectations. I am back at work now and able to function as before the complication. I would call it a miracle, but this is simply the work of an incredibly talented surgeon. I would highly recommend him, not only for his excellent skill as a surgeon, but also for his incredible bedside manner. No other doctor I have seen is as compassionate and caring as Dr.Raissi. ”
– Milena V.
“Due to a serious car accident my right leg and foot were shattered and I was referred to Dr. Raissi for reconstructive surgeries. I was very impressed not only with his technical expertise but also the way he treated me as a patient. He was very approachable and he made sure I understood all aspects of the surgeries and treatment. There was some doubt as to whether I would be able to keep my leg and ankle but because of Dr. Raissi and his staff I am now walking without any assistance. I will never run a marathon but am extremely grateful that I can walk and am not confined to a wheelchair. Even after the surgery "Team Raissi" as they call themselves were very helpful and made sure there were no complications. Thank you very much for putting me back together again.”
– Bob K.
“I am eternally grateful to Dr. Raissi and the staff at Desert Orthopaedic. I came to Dr. Raissi in 2005 to continue my "treatment plan" from a podiatrist in California. I walked in on crutches, having been on them for 1-1/2 years from a healing foot surgery. I was evaluated by Dr. Raissi & his team. It was found that I required corrective surgery in order to walk again without any aide of crutches. My surgery was scheduled shortly thereafter with guidance and aide of Dr. Raissi's team. During my healing and recovery process, the support and attention I received from all of the staff at Desert Othopaedic amazed me. They all were so attentive and very supportive. I was to be married 7 months after my surgery and my goal was to walk down the aisle with no crutches; and through Dr. Raissi, I was able to accomplish this goal. My surgery was in February 2006 and my wedding was 6 months later in August of 2006. I have much admiration for Dr. Raissi and his knowledge and expertise in his field and truly value and trust his opinion. Dr. Raissi and his staff truly impacted my life. I am walking today, crutch-free, and will always remember what he has done for me.”
– Christina D.
“To whom it may concern: Dr. Raissi operated on my ankle 11/7/11 and i am so grateful he was my Dr. I feel he is one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the U.S.A and Las Vegas is very lucky to have him in their city.  He is a wonderful surgeon and i was so amazed that he has so much compassion for his patients.It seems rare anymore to find a Dr. that will spend time with you let alone someone who you feel really cares. This seems to be missing any more in this day and age in the medical field. I have been truly blessed that he did my surgery, and i thank my lucky stars for guiding me to him for my care.  Dr.Raissi, thank you, thank you so much for what you did for me. A compliment to your parents, they raised a fine young man who grew up to be a great Dr. ”
– Isis W.
“I was in a car accident Dec.2010 was in hospitals 4mts & told I would never walk again,every bone in my foot was crushed my anklle & heel were gone also. I saw 2 surgeons 1st look they said no way amputate it, then I was referred to Dr. Raissi by another doctor who used him himself. That was the first hope I had, we tried to save my foot with surgery but I have staphe & it was a long shot but he never gave up on me, in the end after 1 1/2 yrs we decided to amputate below knee its the best thing ever, I had the time to prepare for the loss, Dr. Raissi was truthful about my chances without being cruel, he is the best Dr. with the best staff Ive ever gone to and truely feel he saved my life, I walk, run, dance, play with my grandkids, even drive fine & NO pain. I would refer anyone to this man he and his staff Alayah & L.J. gave me the personal care I needed with such a hard decision, the best care possible with surgery, bedside manner, & the follow up has been incredable I call & get a call back, I need to see the Dr. I see the Dr. I can t say enough about the care and quaility of surgery I received and still do from Dr.Raissi. You have any Othro problems this is the man to go to, so Dr. Raissi, Alayah & L.J. I thank you all and owe you my life you gave mine back to me, actually its a better life than before this whole experience, I m a stronger woman and NO PAIN. Thank you, With much graditude”
– Bobbie L.
“Dr. Raissi, I recently saw you for a second opinion regarding a foot surgery that was recommended by Barrett Foot. You suggested that, based on your opinion, you would not have surgery. I wanted to drop you this note to thank you for your honesty and professionalism! Finally- an honest doctor in Las Vegas. You will be my Dr. of choice for any future foot problems.  Thank You Very Much”
– Jana N.
“Dear Dr. Raissi, I want to thank you for everything that you have done regarding my ankle, I really appreciate it. Thank you again. ”
– Rosalyn L.
“I first saw Dr. Raissi in 2009 for pains in the joint of the large toe on my right foot. He explained all the options and I decided to follow his advice and fuse the toe to the foot, as the joint had disintegrated and the cartridge was nonexistent. I was scared to have any surgery so I put it off for two years. In April 2011 I saw Dr. Raissi and his staff again as the pain was too much, they assured me they would do everything they could to take care of me and they did just that. I had the surgery on April 24, 2011 and eight weeks later I am pain free, back at the gym and work. I am grateful to the Dr. Raissi and his kind staff for taking such great care of me, words can't express my gratitude. Dr. Raissi and his staff are the best if you need foot work done listen to them they are awesome! Thank You Again”
– Chad O.