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Archie C. Perry, Jr., M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 4.9 (31 patient reviews and ratings)
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Perry.
“It was a real change from any previous conversation I’ve had with any specialist concerning my back. I felt like he looked at my file with the eyes of a specialist instead of a butcher.”
– Tiffany H.
“Through the twenty plus years of my DOC journey, I appreciate your respect for my decisions in my care and your continued cooperation with others who provide care for me. You're blessed with talent, knowledge, and abilities beyond the norm — your experience combined with the ability to communicate thoroughly and honestly to me in a compassionate manner. Your assistants are an asset and extension of your kindness and understanding. Thank you for all you do.”
– Alice C.
“Over many years the treatment experiences I have had resulted in remarkable improvement in my mobility and pain relief. This allows me to return to a better quality of life and all it has to offer. Upright and walking! Awesome.”
– Alice C.
“I have been a patient of Dr. Perry's for many years. I have never felt better than I do now. Dr. Perry is a fantastic surgeon and human being. I trust him, and his team, implicitly. They've always treated me with the utmost respect. They've always treated me like I was worthy of their time. They worked very hard, and succeeded, in making my life physically better which results in a happier life.”
– Molly T.
“We had three total physicians for opinions. Dr. Perry was the only doctor that explained everything in depth; he took time to explain procedures, symptoms and made us feel genuinely comfortable with him also shared with us what to expect. When it came time for surgery, he thoroughly explained that procedure, the benefits, risks, etc. During operation Dr. Perry came out to let us know that there was a problem, he shared what happened and how he would fix it, not only that he hugged me and let me know things will be okay. During the hospital stay, Dr. Perry visited twice, even on a Saturday morning. My daughter was doing great; she wanted to show Dr. Perry that she could get out of bed, he explained how happy he was with her and that he was proud of her accomplishments of walking and they want to get out of bed. Dr. Perry is in the right profession. He has the most impeccable bedside manner I’ve ever experienced, he shows compassion and truly cares for not just his patients but their family. Thank you, Dr. Perry!”
– Brandee K.
“I was so scared to have the surgery I needed. They all made me feel secure.”
– Sharon E.
“Dr. Perry immediately determined the issues with my back & scheduled the surgery. The surgery went well & his team insured my recovery was monitored. The follow-up appointments went well & Candace was superb in her management of my recovery. Dr. Perry is an excellent surgeon!”
– Judy C.
“Surgery went well and I like his personality.”
– Phyllis M.
“Dr. Perry, Ian and Diane are the best medical providers I have. They really care about their patients and have improved my quality of life. I wouldn’t trade them for the world!”
– Eileen W.
“He explained my options and helped me make a plan for my health issue.”
– Juliet B.
“When I went to see him, my pain management doctor was talking about putting a stimulator in my spine after getting my films back it turned to something way more serious I was having a lot of pain, but having 3 previous surgeries I figured this was what I was left to live with. Dr. Perry literally changed my life, he agreed to see me and told me what was going on back there and made me believe he could not only fix it I would be better off for it. I had been told that before and it never went that way. I have the surgery, recovery time was so much shorter and easier than before. I had had hardware put in my back before and I could always feel the weather change and got stiff. I can do so much more than before I walk more I don't have any right hip pain I am off all pain meds after 20+ years on them it was amazing. I have a much better life since the surgery and it is not giving me the pain, any pain I have now is no big deal comparatively,, and being off the meds amazing. Dr. Perry is my hero.”
– Rose M.
“I am so impressed with Dr. Perry. He is knowledgeable, efficient, and caring. I'm not sure if I need more surgery, other major health issues have unfortunately taken precedence. But if I do, there's nowhere else I'd want to be seen. Am forever grateful.”
– Gaylene M.
“Dr. Perry described what he was going to do and the hopeful outcome. He was very professional and easy to talk to.”
– Wayne C.
“Dr Perry fixed my neck twice. Did a super job both times . If I need ant more repairs he will be the one I go see.”
– Willie A.
“Dr. Perry is the most amazing doctor ever. I have him and his staff in my prayers because they change my life for the better. Very professional and more important very good people. Thank you guys very much.”
– Elizabeth O.
“Second time Dr.Perry fixed me up ( neck then back ) and did a super job. If I need another repair I will go to him again. Dr. Perry and staff just SUPER.”
– Willie A.
“I had 3 surgeries with Dr. Perry! He came to see me everyday and made sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed! Very professional and very concerned with my wellbeing and care!”
– Geraldine C.
“Dr. Perry is very patient, friendly and knowledgeable.”
– Kailisa M.
“My experience with Dr. Perry & his staff is and has been amazing. They are very happy to help me and very professional. Dr. Perry is a great doctor and personally takes time to make sure he checks everything over and explains so you understand what's going on at every time. I have had 3 surgeries with him and anything I need I will go back to him for any future care I need. I will refer all my friends and family to them and I know they will take great care of them... Dr. Perry and Diana are a great team and asset to your facility.”
– Geraldine C.
“I have had two back surgeries. I completely trust Dr. Perry. Very good and professional doctor.”
– Barbara P.
“All interactions over my two surgeries with Dr Perry were great, informative, helpful, reassuring. Thanks for the excellent care.”
– Sheryl C.
“It was a very good consult.”
– Whit C.
“Dr. Perry and his staff get a 5 star review from me and I will recommend DOC to anyone that needs care!”
– Dawnalea B.