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Chad M. Hanson, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 4.95 (22 patient reviews and ratings)
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Hanson.
“Dr. Hanson is a competent and caring surgeon. I specifically selected him twice because of his high skills, his empathy for patient needs and the excellence of Desert Orthopaedic Center.”
– Jill M.
“Dr. Hanson was excellent. Listened, answered questions. Very professional yet still caring and kind.”
– Rose B.
“Dr. Hanson is wonderful. He was very helpful in finding non-surgical ways to take care of my problem. I had and have a great deal of confidence in him.”
– Patricia N.
“Dr. Hansen is professional with excellent bedside manners. I have a degree in healthcare and worked in the industry years ago, so I know good bedside manners when I see them. He is very compassionate and he listens to you. Never made me feel rushed, and helped me weigh out my options.”
– Tamika O.
“Thank you for taking care of my work related injury on the proper way. I'm on the way of recovery,thanks to you.”
– Jaime B.
“Doctor Hanson has been outstanding. He performed knee replacement on me and handled the complications professionally. I was impressed when my wife was at the Surgical Center having surgery by Doctor Huff. Doctor Hanson was in the building and made the effort to seek us out and check on both of us. He made an effort to show kindness and concern. In today's world of constant pressure to perform and productivity with regard to profitability, he stepped out and showed humanity. if you are looking for great bedside manor, this is the practice to use.”
– Ted F.
“Love this place”
– Francisco R.
“Answered all questions, professional, personable, attentive, knowledgable surgeon staff and assistants. Dr. Hanson, Dr. Justin and Kelly ROCK!!! After each procedure, the care was incredible and I was pain free within 2 weeks of each knee replacement!!!!!!”
– Chad H.
“Very personable-friendly; outgoing. I feel welcome and not like I'm being rushed in and out. He also treated my (now college-age) daughter awhile back and constantly asks about her. Remembers her well. Accessible-I can reach him through his staff and they respond back almost immediately Highly skilled Patient--takes his time with you Very thorough--surgery took longer than expected but he didn't rush it. Took his time. Excellent job Caring- worked with me and the insurance to give me the best care he was capable of despite the insurance co. trying to play doctor and dictate to him what he could and could not do on their dime. I really appreciated that and was able to focus on recovery instead of worrying about a huge unexpected medical bill hanging over my head. You may not realize it but that severely impacts a patient's recovery as much as physical therapy after surgery. No one tells you about the depression and worry after surgery. Worrry about medical bills just adds to that. He worked with the pain management doctor to make sure my pain was under control the whole time I was recovering from my surgery. I was able to go back to that doctor and tell him what Dr. Hanson recommended and that doctor in turn responded. That would never had happened with the other MD. I appreciate Dr. Hanson for all he's done for me and my daughter.”
– Judy L.
“Dr. Hanson has always made sure I got care ASAP and always took time to explain to me what was creating my issues--taking into account a preexisting neurological problem. I have the utmost confidence in DR. HANSON AND ALL THE STAFF ASSOCIATED WITH HIM. On the rating scale--I could give NO LESS THAN THE BEST--A+ 5. THANK YOU DR. HANSON AND DESERT ORTHOPEDIC !”
– Jeanne R.
“Dr. Hansen is unique and particularly talented in his skillset. His ability to treat the magnitude of my injuries and continually offer me further healing and hope are unparalleled, and I am grateful to have found him and be a patient. Thanks, Doc!”
– Rhonda K.
“I had a double compound fracture in my left forearm. Dr Hanson is very compassionate and personal. He is gentle and confident. He took time to explain things clearly about the surgery and potential outcomes after the surgery. He did a fantastic job to repair the damage. My arm has healed with barely noticeable scaring and I have full function of both my arm and hand. I would highly recommend Dr. Hanson to anyone.”
– Alane W.
“Dr. Hanson is an outstanding ortho surgeon. He listens, he cares and will be honest with you. His treatment plan was right on target and I felt extremely comfortable with the care I received. Have recommended him to many of my friends since my first visit.”
– Stacey G.
“Dr. Hanson is a genuinely nice person that really seems to care about his patients and their well being. I feel comfortable with his diagnosis and recommendations. He recently did knee surgery on my right knee and I have now had four of those surgeries (the first three were by different doctors). This, by far, was the best surgical experience I've had and I could not be more grateful. He is also treating me for my shoulder and I feel as though I am in good hands with him. AND the staff is AMAZING. So welcoming, kind and very nice!!! Thank you so much!”
– Stephanie R.
“Dr. Hanson is very knowledgeable and relates well to patients. As a patient you get the feeling that he really cares about you and your needs. He looks at the whole picture - how the problem you are experiencing effects your personal life, your professional life. He truly listens and takes the time to explain everything to you. He doesn't immediately suggest surgery but considers other options first. A very good doctor with a great bedside manner.”
– Beverly W.
“I had been suffering from hip pain for seven plus years and after seeing Dr. Hanson and having done surgery I am walking with no limp and with very little pain. The staff at DOC are very professional and I highly recommend DOC to whoever needs help.”
– Marshall M.
“I highly recommend Dr. Chad Hanson and his staff. My recovery from his minimally invasive surgery was exceptionally quick with only minor swelling and virtually no pain. They were professional, organized, polite, and respectful. I recommend Dr. Hanson to everyone.”
– Timothy S.
“Prior to surgery I heard nothing but horror stories from others. Dr. Chad Hanson and his staff were nothing short of awesome. I felt comfortable and confident in their abilities and in their hands for my care. I would recommend them to anyone for their Orthopaedic needs. Thank you and your staff for everything.”
– David S.
“After eight weeks out of surgery for a torn meniscus and scare tissue "clean-up" on my knee, I am running faster and longer every week without pain. I am very pleased with Dr. Chad Hanson's care and expertise, the staff is great too!”
– Joan P.
“This experience was much better than I could have ever expected. I have never had any kind of surgery before, so I was very nervous and had no idea what to expect. But the outcome has been unbelievable! I have had zero pain and was up and around in a couple of days! This has been an amazing experience. Dr. Chad Hanson and his staff have been incredible. Thank you”
– Shelly H.
“I was extremely impressed with Dr. Chad Hanson and his staff, A+++++. My knees have both progressed beyond my expectations. I now plan on skiing until I am 100! Thanks So Much”
– Ron C.