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Craig T. Tingey, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 4.98 (42 patient reviews and ratings)
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Tingey.
“Dr. Tingey is excellent! They were attentive to my needs and showed the genuine commitment to my well being and recovery. Thanks, Guys!”
– Lecora S.
“Dr. Tingey is professional, knowledgeable, and pleasant he listens and hears what you say. I never felt rushed and was seen in concise wait time. His office is very efficient. He is the best!”
– Adrienne D.
“Everyone at Desert Orthopedics was very professional and friendly. The PT staff was very knowledgeable and really helped with my recovery.”
– Steve M.
“I have been extremely pleased with the great results of each of the surgeries that Dr. Tingey has done on my hips and shoulders over the years. He has also done gel injections and cortisone injections in both of my knees over the past approximately 6 years in our attempt to keep my knees as free from pain as possible before replacement becomes necessary in my aging body.”
– Mary B.
“Great orthopedic doctor and staff.”
– Harold W.
“Dr. Tingey did a fabulous job with my first hip replacement. Everything went as planned and recovery was smooth. Follow the doctor's and physical therapist's order and everything goes well.”
– Jeff M.
“I'm very pleased with my experience with Dr. Tingey, Dallon and rest of the staff. I will change to another Dr. when or if I am unhappy with staff and or the professional experience of this practice. I have recommended Dr Tingey to several persons.”
– Georgie R.
“Dr. Tingey isExellent !! And good listening.”
– Liza P.
“Mostly polite, caring and professional.”
– Bob W.
“I trust what Dr. Tingey tells me. Even though he is a surgeon, surgery is not his first option & I respect that. He seems to generally care about what is best for me. He came highly recommended to me by several people.”
– Sarah T.
“I feel the operation went well. The recovery period was about 3 months. The care provided at Centennial was excellent. The physical rehabilitation provided at Desert Orthopaedic was very good. Followup by Dr. Tingey was timely.”
– Steven C.
“Dr. Tingey was the best!”
– Scott E.
“My experience has been great with everyone I have come in contact with at DOC.”
– Stanley W.
“He was very professional and told me what I needed. I had a left hip replacement and to my satisfaction everything went well. Would definitely use Dr. Tingey again.”
– Gary N.
“I am extremely happy with the outcome and the over all treatment provided by Dr. Tingey. I feel like I have a new lease on life. I could not walk before without assistance with a walker and terrible pain. I have other health issues also, and many of those issues are improving now that I can walk and exercise. Thank you Dr. Tingey!!”
– Joyce D.
“He did wonderful work on my shoulder. Other doctors wanted to give me a total shoulder replacement. Dr Tingey cleaned it up and removed the loose bodies and bone spurs and did a total articulation. My shoulder is better than it has been in 15 years.”
– David K.
“Great job.”
– Tyrone P.
“Love this guy. Dr. Tingey replaced both my hips within 7 years. Surgery went smoothly. I went from a pain scale of 10 to 0 right after surgery. Mine was much tougher. I had previous femur pinning as a child. After minimal pain & two weeks later I was not limping nor in pain. He calibrated the length on both legs. I finally walked normal. He is a young guy but a great surgeon. 5 stars!”
– Marsha W.
“Dr. Tingey went above and beyond his practice treating me and besides being a workers comp, he put that aside and treated me like a normal patient. I am honored to have him as my doctor. He is the best workers comp doctor I have ever had. I would give him 100 stars if there was. I would recommend him to all my friends.”
– Habiba A.
“Hip and knee replacement. Excellent. I was kept well informed of pre-op, operation and post-op precautions/cautions to be mindful of. Continuous follow up from PAs/nurses and office staff. Everyone was always courteous and respectful. Thank you DOC Patient Care Professionals.”
– Mary C.
“Dr. Tingey is a caring and compassionate doctor. He answers all your questions. I would highly recommend him.”
– Italia C.
“Dr. Tingey is preforming my 4th surgery. I think it's absolutely amazing that with the amount of people he sees everyday he remembers me by name. And so does all the staff. I love this office and when I bring my mother down for her hip and knee Dr. Tingey will be my ONLY option. He has been so kind and patient with us. I tell everyone about his and all the wonderful help me and my family has received. Thank you so much Dr. Tingey for your kindness and amazing work.”
– Joey G.
“Dr. Tingey seems to be very well versed in orthopaedic medicine. He is very forthcoming and does not appear to be afraid of answering patients questions about their care. His calm demeanor inspires confidence in his abilities. And his staff appear to be very confident as well. We have never had a bad experience with a Dr. Tingey visit, including not having to wait along amount of time to get to see him, both in making reservations and waiting in the room. Thank you Dr. Tingey for choosing to be an orthopaedic surgeon!”
– Gary M.
“Dr. Tingey is a great doctor. Great surgeon and great bedside manner. I would highly recommend him.”
– Joseph E.
“Right hip replacement surgery last year. I'm doing great! I've lost weight, lowered my blood pressure, and become active again. Dr. Tingey and his team were amazing pre and post surgery. Thank You!”
– Nick T.
“Dr. Tingey was excellent. He answered any question that I had and was very professional. I would recommend him to anyone needing an Orthopedic Surgeon. Also, the staff at Desert Orthopedic Center was very nice and helpful. I also wanted to thank Dr. Tingey's assistant Tami Reynolds, she has been extremely helpful with paperwork that I have had to have filled out. She is an awesome person and a wonderful asset to Desert Orthopedic Center. Everyone was excellent when I had my surgery. Thanks to all.”
– Terri C.