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Matthew N. Fouse, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 4.95 (21 patient reviews and ratings)
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Fouse.
“Thank you all personal Desert Orthopaedic Center.”
– Rosa G.
“Dr. Fouse, is an excellent surgeon and has an incredible bedside manner and is wanting to make sure you understand every aspect of surgery. He made sure he had plenty of time to answer all my questions and didn't speak over my head, and spoke to me, not at me. I feel Dr. Fouse did a fantastic job.”
– Blayne C.
“Dr. Fouse is confident, cordial, concise and empathetic.”
– Laurie N.
“i like Dr. Fouse very much. He was very professional and explained everything about the surgery, his procedures and after care. He was very gentle and kind with me. I most certainly would recommend him to any of my family and friends. As a matter of fact, I have already recommended him to my family and friends.”
– Ellen C.
“I feel he cares about me and my problem. Responds to all my questions. Gives good advice to get me going in the right direction. Sometimes I even take it! Just a good person.”
– Joseph S.
“Excellent service. Dr. Fouse's dad did my knee surgery years ago and was the best. The apple definitely fell under the tree!”
– Maria C.
“Dr. Matthew Fouse was attentive and had me show him my problem areas of pain, then sent me in for further tests to find out the problem. He took the time to listen and observe and I am happy with the results so far. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”
– Laura K.
“I highly recommend Desert Ortho Center if you have any problem with your shoulder. I had a torn rotator cuff plus the two muscles had to be surgically repaired. Dr. Matthew Fouse gave my shoulder a new lease on life. He is Better than the Best! Explained the entire procedure and precisely what needed to be repaired. Through conversation I felt and feel total confidence in his skills. The Therapy Department is fantastic and I am exercising to obtain to reach my goal of playing my favorite sport, tennis!”
– Elaine R.
“Dr. Fouse is a wonderful Doctor. He really helped me with recommending the right treatment, and I got better as soon as I left his office.”
– Edna C.
“Dr. Fouse is very thorough and will answer any question you may have. He explains options you may have and never pressures you into a decision.”
– Roxanne D.
“5 star plus”
– Jimmy H.
“I had a good experience for what I went through. I have full range of motion in my shoulder after the physical therapy, yoga and massage I did.”
– Tanya G.
“Dear Dr. Fouse, I don't know if you remember me, but I was one of your patients this summer. I just finished a 50 mile shred fest through the mountains on my road bike followed by a 500 meter swim and I just had to take a moment to express my gratitude for all you have done for me. Sixteen years prior to meeting you I had a bad landing while skydiving and fractured my calcaneus. I was fitted with an external fixation device and after five months was able to return to an active and productive life. In fact, in the years that followed, I made over a thousand jumps and competed in several triathlons. Unfortunately, over time the joints in my ankle began to degenerate and eventually I had to have a subtalar fusion. It didn't take, so after a few months I had to have a hind foot revision triple arthrodesis which left me with some impressive hardware. My ankle is now fused. Ok, so I can't run any more, but I found that I could still ride my bike and work which was great because after a total of 5 months on crutches and the better part of a year unemployed, I was in near financial ruin. Not to mention somewhat depressed. I was finally began to regain some fitness and was enjoying working again when just two months later I tore my rotator cuff roller skating with my daughters. I was devastated. I remember that I actually cried when you broke the news to me. That's when I saw the difference between you and all the other arthropods I had known before. You showed great compassion and assured me that you could help and that in a few months I would be back doing the things I love and be productive again. You took the time to explain the procedure and answered all of my questions. I knew what to expect and was prepared for the initial pain and recovery because I trusted you. My trust was not misplaced. Thanks to your obvious exceptional skills as a surgeon and your excellent rehab protocol I now have full function, range of motion and I am pain free. My shoulder is actually better that is was before. During the entire process, I was treated with respect and never felt like I was on an assembly line as has been the case in years past. Your staff was courteous and professional and they never has any problems with the mountain of forms that the employers, insurance company and disability administrators piled upon them. You are a class act and you have a rock solid staff. I was very fortunate to have your as my surgeon and I will be happy to refer you if the occasion ever arises. Thank you.”
– Dennis L.
“When I tore my ACL during a basketball game two months before my wedding, I thought there was no way I'd be able to walk down the aisle. Dr. Matthew Fouse at Desert Orthopaedic Center examined my knee two days after my injury. I underwent surgery to repair my torn ACL and meniscus one month later. With hard work in physical therapy, I was able to walk down the aisle without a limp and even dance at my reception, which my husband appreciated during our first dance. Thank you, Dr. Fouse.”
– Kristi J.
“Dear Dr. Matthew Fouse, I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts in repairing my shoulder. From my first telephone call to Michael, to my first office visit and registration with Lisa at the front desk to meeting your assistant Eddy, to meeting you, I was treated with great respect and care. Everyone was efficient, considerate and dedicated to my care. In just one office visit, you explained the problem in detail, gave me options, and scheduled my surgery, all within one hour. This was extremely important to me, as I was going to a different Orthopedic Surgeon that could not find time to have his assistant call me back to answer any questions or schedule my surgery. I was in pain for 4 months. The surgery was more involved once you started, but everything has progressed like clockwork. In just 4 months after surgery on the rotator cuff and dislocation, my shoulder is back to working pain-free again. You are an excellent doctor and I would recommend you to family and friends with shoulder and/or knee problems. Thank you and your wonderful staff for being so helpful, kind and considerate.”
– Larry H.
“I want to thank Dr. Matthew Fouse for his wonderful care during my recent rotator cuff and bicep problems. Dr. Fouse explained everything about my options for care. I chose to have surgery. He answered all my questions and never made me feel rushed. He was always available. Now three months after my surgery I feel it was extremely successful. I would return to Dr. Fouse for any future orthopedic problems and would recommend him to family and friends. I also wish to thank all employees at Desert Orthopedic Center and Desert Orthopedic Surgical Center for all their care. Everyone was extremely helpful and professional. They made me feel welcome and treated me as an individual.”
– Norma O.
“Dear Dr. Fouse, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. You, Eddy and Mike are a wonderful team! Three months after surgery on my rotator cuff, I feel 100% better. I can't wait to get back on the golf course! Thank you for the excellent care.”
– Patti J-D