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Michael Miao, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 4.96 (112 patient reviews and ratings)
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Miao.
“Thank you, Dr. Miao and your staff. Everyone was very considerate and very kind, from my first visit to my last visit. I would pick Dr. Miao if I ever need surgery again. God bless you all at all times.”
– Mae M.
“This was my 2nd surgery with Dr. Miao and crew; both knees were done. Everybody was great. No complaints, just exceptional service.”
– Charles M.
“I very much appreciated the excellent treatment I had from Dr. Miao. His office staff was all friendly and helpful.”
– Amy H.
“Service was awesome. I will recommend to others looking for an orthopedic surgeon.”
– Brian T.
“Dr. Miao is an exceptional surgeon. Over the years he has repaired both of my knees and my wife's knee and shoulder. He was very professional and extremely informative of the procedures. There were no surprises, and the postoperative healing was fast and relatively pain-free. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Miao serving our community.”
– Curt H.
“Dr. Miao and his staff are always pleasant. He takes the time to explain procedures and surgery to you in layman's terms. He was right on target with my post-surgical recovery time after repairing a tear in my rotator cuff. I would refer anyone to him without hesitation.”
– Brenda S.
“Seven years ago Dr. Miao was recommended when I experienced shoulder issues. It was determined I had two tears and Dr. Miao recommended PT as a 1st option. Following therapy, I was able to get back into the gym and continue a rigorous fitness program. Fast forward seven years, I began having issues with that same shoulder. After review of the MRI Dr. Miao determined that PT would not be an option. I had a successful surgery. I am extremely satisfied with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Miao.”
– Andrea G.
“I am very thankful for Dr. Miao and the team! All are very nice and helpful throughout the entire experience.”
– Chandler B.
“I can't thank Dr. Miao and his staff enough for treating my shoulder. I would highly recommend Dr. Miao.”
– Don S.
“Thank you, Dr. Miao and staff. Great experience, great doctor, the whole experience was great.”
– Maria M.
“Dr. Miao and his staff are very knowledgeable and good at what they do. They made me feel very comfortable that I would get the best care before, during and after my knee surgery. They really care about your well being. Would highly recommend Dr. Miao and his staff.”
– Tami S.
“Dr. Miao told my shoulder was wrong and gave 60/40 odds of full use. He was wrong; my shoulder is working better than before my accident. His staff is great. The whole process of surgery, therapy, and healing are long and hard, but the result was full use of my shoulder.”
– Lynda B.
“Loved Dr. Miao!! Everything went better than planned. Six weeks and I am back to normal.”
– James P.
“So it seems my family is in need of orthopedic frequently. Since we have found Dr. Miao, we drive two hours to see him. Will not see anyone else. Love you, Dr. Miao. Thank you for taking great care of my family and me.”
– Regina M.
“Dr. Miao is an excellent doctor. He did a great job on my shoulder.”
– Barrett A.
“Dr. Miao and his staff have been enjoyable to me, taking an unknown situation and making me feel at ease. I want to thank you for helping me recover from my injury.”
– Paula R.
“The best experience I've ever had with Dr. Miao, he always takes his time to explain everything and the options I had to correct the issues. All the staff were kind and helpful and made every visit easy and comfortable.”
– Calvin R.
“Dr. Miao and Tiffany were excellent. After having surgery on my shoulder, I was relatively pain-free, and I feel that Dr. Miao and Tiffany took the time to answer all my questions and address any concerns. Thank you.”
– Alex H.
“My experience at DOC with Dr. Miao and his complete staff has been exceptional. The professionalism and dedication they put into their patients are not seen a lot in healthcare these days. My shoulder repair and physical therapy have set me back to 100%. Thanks again to all that were involved.”
– Chad K.
“Dr. Miao is the only doctor I have had that took the time to hear what my problems were. He truly puts his patients first even to the point of scheduling emergency surgery to save my leg and life. I might not be here if I had not come to see him and his excellent staff. Thank you.”
– Micah H.
“The final result is excellent. Pain is gone, looking forward to getting back into the golf game. Thanks.”
– Richard M.
“Dr. Miao and staff operate with the utmost of care and concern for their patients welfare and comfort. If I ever had a question or concern, Tiffany was just a phone call away. I was always treated with respect and compassion. Thank you, DOC.”
– Mark A.
“Very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of doctor and staff. Treated my fabulous every time I visited. Thank you so much.”
– Joseph T.
“From the election to do knee surgery to the procedure, and finally the aftercare my experience with Dr. Miao and staff has been clear and concise and complete. Most importantly, I felt treated like a critical patient and that my concerns and wishes received full attention!”
– Anna A.
“Love a doctors office that you don't have to wait an hour to get in to see the doctor. The staff is always helpful. You never have a question they don't answer and explain. Everything was taken care of from the first visit. Thank you.”
– Martha B.
“Dr. Miao is an outstanding doctor! Highly knowledgeable in his specialty. Very courteous, professional and caring. Listens to and processes patient input at all times. Would highly recommend to all. Great technical and office staff also!!”
– Keith N.
“I have a wonderful experience with Dr. Miao, office and crew. Excellent service and care.”
– Raul U.
“Second surgery with Dr. Miao. Left shoulder then right shoulder both went smoothly, and recovery is as you would expect.”
– Robert R.
“I've had to surgeries with Desert Orthopaedic Center and both times I have been pleased with my experience. Dr. Miao was punctual and informative while also showing care for his patients and work. Everyone I've dealt with at DOC has been accommodating and hopefully I don't need another surgery, but if I do, DOC is where I'm going to come.”
– Kimberly A.
“Dr. Miao was the best doctor. Very professional would recommend him to everyone.”
– John S.
“From beginning to end my experience has been excellent. The staff has been so helpful and caring, and Dr. Miao does excellent work at surgery. I would recommend them to anyone.”
– Carol B.
“While no one would be happy with having to deal with surgery, it was a pleasant experience. Dr. Miao is talented and a caring surgeon. His equally caring and experienced staff. I highly recommend to anyone who needs medical help.”
– Enrico T.
“Dr. Miao has helped me, and many of my athlete friends recover from injuries! Great doctor-thank you.”
– Carrie H.
“My experience with Dr. Miao was professional. He is an expert in his field of medicine, he provided excellent advice, and I had a successful outcome. Dr. Miao is an experienced doctor, gives useful information and gives the best care!”
– Jennifer K.
“Dr. Miao has been my orthopedic doctor for four years now. He repaired my left torn rotator cuff, and then three years later he repaired the right torn rotator cuff. Dr. Miao is brilliant, and he is on top of his game. You can trust him. He is straight forward with you.”
– Robert R.
“I appreciated how calm and reassured Dr. Miao helped me feel. I never broke a bone before and was extremely nervous about the first visit. Dr. Miao explained my situation to me and helped me feel confident in my recovery process.”
– Tanya H.
“Dr. Miao and his staff are courteous, friendly and helpful. I was seen immediately after my knee accident. Dr. Miao provided all the information about the procedure, the surgery was scheduled immediately after. Follow up appointment and service were excellent. Dr. Miao cares about his patients, takes time to answer questions and makes patients feel comfortable.”
– Maria Z.
“Dr. Miao has treated both my husband and daughter, each requiring knee surgery. I do not doubt that his knowledge and skill, in his field, are why both my husband and daughter’s surgeries had exceptional outcomes and little pain and recovery.”
– Melissa L.
“Dr ao was very professional. He guided me through all of my options and I had a successful surgery with him.”
– Zac T.
“After having gone through a similar surgery with a different doctor in the past, I appreciated Dr.Miao's expertise and kindness throughout both the surgical & recovery experience. Dr. Miao is very straightforward and you used on how best to rehabilitate the problem. I am grateful to have been under his care and would return if need be.”
– Jordan C.
“Service was great. Assistants were great about getting answers and making us feel comfortable.”
– Edwin S.
“This would be my second knee surgery by Dr. Miao. Obviously, he did a great job on the left knee and followed that up with the same on the right knee. A lot to be said for consistency. Staff is fantastic. Much like the Las Vegas Knights!”
– Timmy P.
“Good job.”
– Jaime A.
“Did a great job on my knee. Staff was super. Love coming here to get fixed.”
– Tom B.
“My surgery went great and after 2 short months Dr. Miao and his team have helped me get back on my feet to what I love like running.”
– Jordyn J.
“The staff at DOC is fantastic! I've had 3 sports-related injuries and every time the staff was over the top.”
– George H.
“Dr. Miao and his staff are excellent. Surgery was made easy due to the skill of the entire team. Now waiting for a quick recovery. All were very attentive to every need. Very professional and caring. I would highly recommend Dr. Miao and his staff to anyone if you want the best.”
– Greg T.
“Dr. Miao was very clear from point A to point B. He answered all my questions.”
– Alfred D.
“Dr. Miao has the best bedside manner I've ever experienced, and all of his office and medical staff are so professional as well. He has helped me to return to work and to my favorite activities. I would highly recommend Dr. Miao to and Desert Orthopaedic Center to anyone who is injured and experiencing pain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I feel brand new!”
– Francesca I.
“It was a very long process but the staff was awesome. Dr. Miao did a very good job of putting me back together. Justin was awesome as well. Tiffany was my favorite. I am finally back to work after 6 months and I feel great. Thank you to everyone!”
– Spencer T.