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Roger A. Fontes, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 4.91 (35 patient reviews and ratings)
The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Fontes.
“Dr. Fontes performed two (2) reverse full shoulder replacements on me within a six (6) month period, and he and his PA, Laura Rodriguez did an excellent job. I am still in PT, and my follow-ups continue, however, I would give Dr. Fontes the highest recommendation available in his field.”
– Gary E.
“Dr. Fontes was not in a rush, listened to my concerns. He did not sugar coat my injury and gave me a feeling of confidence for a full recovery.”
– Brent H.
“I had an excellent experience with Dr. Fontes and Laura M. Rodriquez PA-C. If and when I need my right knee done I'd like to come back to have it done in Las Vegas at DOC. I would recommend Dr. Fontes to everyone. It's just a short 2-hour drive from where we live here in Lake Havasu City, AZ.”
– Patricia S.
“Dr. Fontes provided outstanding care and expertise.”
– Errol T.
“Always discussed options, the right attitude, good surgeon.”
– Gary E.
“Dr. Fontes treated me as a real person, not just the next patient to be seen. He answered my questions and made sure that I understood all aspects of my problem and treatment. His PA was as exceptional as well.”
– Diana B.
“Wonderful and professional.”
– Kathryn H.
“Everyone was so awesome. Dr Fontes took his time with me which I really appreciate to explain everything considering surgery is scary but he made me feel comfortable.”
– Deanne L.
“Very professional and skilled. Answered all questions I had regarding my surgery and treatment. I never experienced any physical pain and only slight discomfort after surgery. I had no pain or discomfort during the healing process which I attribute to the skill of Dr. Fontes. I feel fortunate to have had Dr. Fontes as my surgeon.”
– Gerald H.
“Superb attention to my situation”
– Rodney Y.
“What a great experience! To consult with someone who clearly knows his stuff, who sincerely cares about his patients, and who surrounds himself with competent, smiling people --- that's very rare today! After hip replacement surgery (less than 2 weeks ago), I couldn't be more happy. The surgery was easy, the recovery ridiculously gentle, and I feel better walking than I have in a long time. Every person I met along the way: Dana, Laura, the X-Ray techs, Kricket, and the whole surgery team - everyone was happy in their jobs and willing to do whatever it took to keep me on track. At this point I am a raving fan and I will refer, refer, refer, whenever the opportunity arises.”
– James D.
“He diagnose my daughter's injury. He was warm and caring toward her. He's a great Dr.”
– Natalie M.
“My partial knee replacement allows me to return to the tennis courts and play golf without the pain I've experienced for many years. The procedure was out-patient and I was walking on my own within a few days. Minimal physical therapy was required and after a year. I'm still pain free.”
– Peter G.
“Excellent! The Best!! The fastest recovery ever. This was my fourth hip surgery. Previous surgeries during my teenage years suffering excruciating pain and spending the summer vacations in a body cast. I am so grateful!!”
– Norman I.
“Excellent! The Best!!”
– Norman I.
“Dr. Fontes is great! He did a partial medial knee replacement on my right knee. Day of surgery! I walked in to the hospital at 7AM, wheeled in to surgery at 9AM, into recovery at 11AM and was home at 3:30PM. Several months of rehab and recovery but I'm now finally feeling back to normal.”
– Joseph C.
“It has been 10 months since my half knee replacement by Dr. Fontes and I feel good as new. Everybody wants instant results, however after surgery it just doesn't work that way. It took months of rehab to bring my entire leg back to 100%. The pain and suffering thru rehab is so well worth the effort that one puts into it. The entire staff of D.O.C. (front desk, back office, nurses, medical assistants, PA Laura and of course Dr. Fontes) at all three locations I went to (DI, Horizon, Warm Springs) were just the GREATEST. Would I want to go thought this again, No. But if I had to, DOC is definitely where I would go. Thank you so very much.”
– Gregory M.
“Dr. Fontes was there for when ever I needed him, and his team was always there for me, and I had to use it many times, due to me not following directions, and he's always studying for new ways. Thanks.”
– Donna B.
“I have great confidence in Dr. Fontes and his staff. All of them are very professional, caring and personable. They make me feel like they care about me and my health.”
– Alan C.
“Easy to connect with, helpful.”
– Shahriar B.
“Dr. Fontes is very professional, informative and good at what he does. Made it a very pain free experience from start to finish.”
– Craig B.
“Dr. Fontes is amazing. Great surgeon. Makes one feel very comfortable. Asks right questions.”
– Candace B.
“Dr. Fontes provides great care. Knowledgeable.”
– Sherry N.
“Surgery and post-op. went fantastic. Dr. Fontes anterior total hip replacement took the pain away and made me a much more active person. I would have had the surgery much sooner had I known how successful it would be. I would recommend Dr. Fontes to anyone who asked about hip replacement.”
– Allen B.
“Dr. Fontes replaced both my knee and my shoulder joint. Both surgeries went exceedingly well. I'm now waiting to schedule the replacement of my other shoulder.”
– Thomas C.
“What a great job on my hip replacement. I'm a new person and should of done it sooner. I did my research got the right DR. with Dr. Fontes and great care after surgery. Stayed in one of there private suites. TOP NOTCH..........!”
– Joseph L.
“Best decision I ever made.”
– Ava D.