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Average Patient Rating

Average Rating: 4.95
(596 reviews)
“On the day of the needle guided procedure, the doctor talked to me again about what was going to happen and what to expect. He showed concern about his findings of my condition & added additional information on what the next step would be if I did not get a good outcome from the first injection. Well, I can tell you that I only had one dose with excellent results. What I thought was my back turned out to be my hip, which he addressed with the injection to that joint area since I did have arthritis. Dr. Kim made me feel comfortable during the procedure and gave additional advice on how to address my weakness in my low back.”
– Rosa M.
Treating Doctor: Andrew B. Kim, D.O.
“Dr. Watson explained everything very well. He was meticulous, plus answered all my questions. I have recommended him to a family member for her bunion surgery. She couldn't be happier.”
– Patricia C.
Treating Doctor: Troy S. Watson, M.D.
“It was a real change from any previous conversation I’ve had with any specialist concerning my back. I felt like he looked at my file with the eyes of a specialist instead of a butcher.”
– Tiffany H.
Treating Doctor: Archie C. Perry, Jr., M.D.
“Dr. Watson was compassionate and made me feel very comfortable.”
– John D.
Treating Doctor: Troy S. Watson, M.D.
“I received terrific, honest care from my physician. I had every single question answered, and was fully prepared for what I should expect post surgery. Also, surgery was not something I was forced into; it was used as a last resort, which I much appreciate. Dr. Bassewitz I would recommend to anyone who encountered similar back problems to my own. Their nursing staff was also extremely attentive, which makes all the difference when you are in a terrifying position.”
– Rachel A.
Treating Doctor: Hugh L. Bassewitz, M.D.
“Dr. Fontes was not in a rush, listened to my concerns. He did not sugar coat my injury and gave me a feeling of confidence for a full recovery.”
– Brent H.
Treating Doctor: Roger A. Fontes, M.D.
“Through the twenty plus years of my DOC journey, I appreciate your respect for my decisions in my care and your continued cooperation with others who provide care for me. You're blessed with talent, knowledge, and abilities beyond the norm — your experience combined with the ability to communicate thoroughly and honestly to me in a compassionate manner. Your assistants are an asset and extension of your kindness and understanding. Thank you for all you do.”
– Alice C.
Treating Doctor: Archie C. Perry, Jr., M.D.
“Dr. Miao has been my orthopedic doctor for four years now. He repaired my left torn rotator cuff, and then three years later he repaired the right torn rotator cuff. Dr. Miao is brilliant, and he is on top of his game. You can trust him. He is straight forward with you.”
– Robert R.
Treating Doctor: Michael Miao, M.D.
“He’s the best!”
– Rosanne P.
Treating Doctor: John M. Baldauf, M.D.
“Dr. Baldauf is very knowledgeable, recognized my problem and took care of me right away! He also explained the procedure of the surgery, which gave me comfort. I got good reports from the nurses on how they haven't seen clean staples like mine in a long time, which also made me feel confident in him. Thank you, Dr. Baldauf!”
– Patricia S.
Treating Doctor: John M. Baldauf, M.D.