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Thank you for choosing Desert Orthopaedic Center for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

Read what our patients are saying about Desert Orthopaedic Center.

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Average Patient Rating

Average Rating: 4.95
“Excellent! The Best!!”
– Norman I.
Treating Doctor: Roger A. Fontes, M.D.
“The staff was amazing. Dr Lee was awesome. Made my wrist look like new. I love these people. God bless all of you. And if I break it again, I'll be seeing ya soon. Love ya!”
– Angelita S.
Treating Doctor: Michael L. Lee, M.D.
“Before I had back surgery. I was not able to do anything, walking, standing, etc. I relied on walker, wheelchair, scooter and cane. I had no life! I Was in constant pain. Now I am able to do anything I want and pain free.”
– Rita W.
Treating Doctor: Daniel D. Lee, M.D.
“Dr. Raissi provided a clear diagnosis of my injury and gave me the options for treatment. I opted to have surgery to repair a split tendon in my ankle and Dr. Raissi and his staff were compassionate, professional and competent. I was able to quickly get the surgery scheduled and I am now on the road to full recovery.”
– Tracey C.
Treating Doctor: Abdi Raissi, M.D.
“On time and caring physician and staff. I highly recommend Desert Orthopaedics to all my friends.”
– Patricia C.
Treating Doctor: Thomas Dunn, M.D.
“Dr. Watson and Dr. Michelle Lee provided a very considerate and thorough examination and diagnosis. THANKS for everything.”
– William G.
Treating Doctor: Troy S. Watson, M.D.
“Knowledgeable, concerned, listened to me. I felt comfortable in his care and will return.”
– Denise W.
Treating Doctor: Daniel D. Lee, M.D.
“Dr.Bassewitz performed my spinal fusion. He is very professional and has great rapport with people.”
– Elizabeth W.
Treating Doctor: Hugh L. Bassewitz, M.D.
“Dr. Bassewitz performed a fusion surgery on my lower back that has so far made my life 100% better. I was in serious pain for over 30 years, managed it as best I could with core exercises, chiropractic, stretching, name it: everything but pain meds. When I could not take it any more, at my chiropractor's urging, I researched local orthopedic surgeons and found that Dr. Bassewitz was highly rated. The relief since recovering from that surgery was nothing I could have hoped for. Got my life back! Thank you Dr. Bassewitz. You and your team are the best.”
– Michelle A.
Treating Doctor: Hugh L. Bassewitz, M.D.
“Very personable-friendly; outgoing. I feel welcome and not like I'm being rushed in and out. He also treated my (now college-age) daughter awhile back and constantly asks about her. Remembers her well. Accessible-I can reach him through his staff and they respond back almost immediately Highly skilled Patient--takes his time with you Very thorough--surgery took longer than expected but he didn't rush it. Took his time. Excellent job Caring- worked with me and the insurance to give me the best care he was capable of despite the insurance co. trying to play doctor and dictate to him what he could and could not do on their dime. I really appreciated that and was able to focus on recovery instead of worrying about a huge unexpected medical bill hanging over my head. You may not realize it but that severely impacts a patient's recovery as much as physical therapy after surgery. No one tells you about the depression and worry after surgery. Worrry about medical bills just adds to that. He worked with the pain management doctor to make sure my pain was under control the whole time I was recovering from my surgery. I was able to go back to that doctor and tell him what Dr. Hanson recommended and that doctor in turn responded. That would never had happened with the other MD. I appreciate Dr. Hanson for all he's done for me and my daughter.”
– Judy L.
Treating Doctor: Chad M. Hanson, M.D.