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Average Patient Rating

Average Rating: 4.95
(553 reviews)
“Dr. Baldauf is wonderful. He is a caring, compassionate doctor who tells it to you like it is. No fluff, just the truth of the matter, gives you all of your options and then lets you make the decision. When you get to know him, he has a good sense of humor too, and I like that in a doctor. He came highly recommended to me by my primary care physician. I would not want to go to anyone else.”
– Iris P.
Treating Doctor: John M. Baldauf, M.D.
“I had an excellent experience with Dr. Fontes and Laura M. Rodriquez PA-C. If and when I need my right knee done I'd like to come back to have it done in Las Vegas at DOC. I would recommend Dr. Fontes to everyone. It's just a short 2-hour drive from where we live here in Lake Havasu City, AZ.”
– Patricia S.
Treating Doctor: Roger A. Fontes, M.D.
“My experience with Dr. Miao was professional. He is an expert in his field of medicine, he provided excellent advice, and I had a successful outcome. Dr. Miao is an experienced doctor, gives useful information and gives the best care!”
– Jennifer K.
Treating Doctor: Michael Miao, M.D.
“Dr. Raissi was very knowledgeable about my foot problem. After seeing the x-rays, he thoroughly explained the surgery and what he was going to do to correct the lousy situation another foot doctor had caused. He told me what to do after surgery and how to take care of the foot. He did an excellent job of repairing my foot damage. I am very grateful to him.”
– Patricia N.
Treating Doctor: Abdi Raissi, M.D.
“Dr. Daniel Lee is extraordinary at what he does; he's the best. Takes his time to listen and explains to you in detail.”
– Maryann G.
Treating Doctor: Daniel D. Lee, M.D.
“On the day of the needle guided procedure, the doctor talked to me again about what was going to happen and what to expect. He showed concern about his findings of my condition & added additional information on what the next step would be if I did not get a good outcome from the first injection. Well, I can tell you that I only had one dose with excellent results. What I thought was my back turned out to be my hip, which he addressed with the injection to that joint area since I did have arthritis. Dr. Kim made me feel comfortable during the procedure and gave additional advice on how to address my weakness in my low back.”
– Rosa M.
Treating Doctor: Andrew B. Kim, D.O.
“Dr. Watson explained everything very well. He was meticulous, plus answered all my questions. I have recommended him to a family member for her bunion surgery. She couldn't be happier.”
– Patricia C.
Treating Doctor: Troy S. Watson, M.D.
“It was a real change from any previous conversation I’ve had with any specialist concerning my back. I felt like he looked at my file with the eyes of a specialist instead of a butcher.”
– Tiffany H.
Treating Doctor: Archie C. Perry, Jr., M.D.
“Dr. Nishiyama took the time to explain my condition and what could be done about it. He was friendly and very likable.”
– Loretta J.
“Thank you Dr. Kang. I recommend you to a lot of people! Some people had bad experiences with their first knee surgery so they are fearful to get the other knee done. When they see that I had both knees done and I share with them how great my experiences were with you, they are encouraged! Your team is fantastic too! Ariel and Emmy, Dr. Sherry and Dr. Woodberry. It's been almost six months and I'm doing great! Thank you, Team Kang!”
– Shirley P.
Treating Doctor: Parminder S. Kang, M.D.