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Thank you for choosing Desert Orthopaedic Center for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Average Patient Rating

Average Rating: 4.95
(586 reviews)
“Dr. Bassewitz has performed two major surgeries on me. The care I have received from both the doctor and his entire staff as well as everyone working in all areas of this practice has been exceptional. Not to mention the outcome of both surgeries has far exceeded any hope I had. I only wish I could express my gratitude more eloquently.”
– Syma S.
Treating Doctor: Hugh L. Bassewitz, M.D.
“Dr. Winder was very kind and understanding. He made me feel very important with all the questions I asked. I have never been more happy with the doctor.”
– Gia I.
Treating Doctor: Richard P. Winder, M.D.
“Dr. Baldauf and Heather are amazing! Because of them, and Scott at physical therapy, I can play with my grandkids, walk the dogs and enjoy daily activities without the pain I was going through.”
– Martha S.
Treating Doctor: John M. Baldauf, M.D.
“Overall, I give a 95% favorable rating. Dr. Huff is the bomb as far as I’m concerned!”
– John A.
Treating Doctor: Lawrence R. Huff, M.D.
“I can’t say enough about Dr. Dunn, and the entire DOC staff! They’re amazing! These people genuinely care about you and do whatever they can to help you. It’s hard to find doctors and healthcare staff like the ones at DOC. I’ve referred several friends, and they all had great experiences with them as well.”
– David G.
Treating Doctor: Thomas Dunn, M.D.
“From my first meeting with Dr. Kang, I felt he was genuinely interested in what was best for me regarding my current and future health. I was ready to have my hip replaced at our first meeting, and after listening to his diagnosis, I decided to wait until I was sure the time was right. I had my other hip replaced ten years earlier, so I wasn't apprehensive about the surgery, but in hindsight, I'm glad I waited. Now seven weeks after surgery I feel great and know that the quality of my life is improving on a daily basis. I will refer everyone I come in contact with who are experiencing issues with their hip(s) to see Dr. Kang for his opinion regarding their condition.”
– Andrew B.
Treating Doctor: Parminder S. Kang, M.D.
“Very caring, demonstrated a high level of professionalism in providing information about the procedures to be used and what to expect. Was always open to any questions and concerns, willing to listen to make sure I was comfortable with what was planned.”
– Brian G.
Treating Doctor: Abdi Raissi, M.D.
“I fell my stares breaking my thumb in two places. Dr. Michael Lee has been a good doctor. I have seen at two locations. He is rushed and will take the time for each client.”
– Sydney F.
Treating Doctor: Michael L. Lee, M.D.
“I was so scared to have the surgery I needed. They all made me feel secure.”
– Sharon E.
Treating Doctor: Archie C. Perry, Jr., M.D.
“Dr. Dunn and the entire staff at DOC, are fantastic! Dr. Dunn has operated on me three separate times in the past 12 months. With each of these operations, he has been "spot on" with his decision to operate, and what I could expect both pre and post-op. He explained things thoroughly, discussed the pro's and con's, and left no doubt in my mind that he was the person I wanted to do the procedures. When I first met him, I felt right away that I could trust him, and that he would provide the very best care I could ask for. I enjoy his straight talk, no-holds-barred approach, but, at the same time, he says "your the boss here, your driving this bus so whatever you want or need we will provide for you." I do enjoy visiting and talking with him and the staff. I think my response to your question speaks for its self on how I feel about my experience with Desert Orthopedics Center. Thank you for providing this means to express my opinions about my DOC experience!”
– Stephen C.
Treating Doctor: Thomas Dunn, M.D.