Tenex Health TX®

At Desert Orthopaedic Center, we are dedicated to providing our patients with superior care without compromise.

As part of this dedication, our fellowship-trained primary care sports medicine doctor, William A. Rosenberg, M.D., proudly offers Tenex Health TX, an innovative, minimally invasive procedure that helps patients suffering from chronic tendon pain or soft-tissue injuries, such as tendonitis, tendinopathy, or tennis elbow, get back to an active, healthy lifestyle.

What Is Tenex Health TX?

Tenex is a minimally invasive treatment option that allows doctors to relieve chronic pain without the need for open surgery for a wide array of tendon and soft-tissue problems, from chronic tendonitis and tendinopathy to plantar fasciitis and overuse injuries.

Performed on an outpatient basis, this innovative procedure, also referred to as percutaneous tenotomy or fasciotomy, uses ultrasonic technology to accurately target and remove the source of the chronic pain—the damaged tissue. By targeting and removing the cause of the chronic pain, Tenex helps stimulate the healing process, allowing for a faster return to normal activities.

What Are the Benefits of Tenex?

As a minimally invasive treatment option, the Tenex procedure offers patients experiencing chronic pain from tendon and soft-tissue injuries and conditions a multitude of benefits. The following are some of the benefits patients can experience:

  • Ability to return to normal activities in four to six weeks
  • Faster recovery compared to open surgery
  • Improved overall function
  • Little to no postoperative pain
  • Minimal to no scarring
  • Quick pain relief

How Does Tenex Work?

During the Tenex procedure, your doctor will use ultrasound imaging to locate the damaged tendon. After the damaged tendon has been located, your doctor will numb the area with a local anesthetic. This allows you to remain awake during the procedure.

Your doctor will then make a small incision and use the Tenex Health TX MicroTip to apply ultrasonic energy to the damaged tissue of the tendon. This ultrasonic energy is designed to safely breakdown the damaged tissue as well as remove it while leaving the surrounding healthy tissue intact.

Once the procedure is complete, your doctor will remove the MicroTip and apply a small, adhesive bandage. No stitches are required since the incision is so small.

Following your procedure, your doctor will provide you with instructions to follow during your recovery, and then you will be able to go home. Additionally, because no general anesthesia is used, most patients are able to drive home.

How Long Does It Take to Recover?

Unlike traditional open surgeries that can have a recovery period that is typically six months or longer, the recovery time following the Tenex procedure is only four to six weeks.

Additionally, because the surrounding healthy tissue was not disturbed during the procedure, you should experience less discomfort compared to open surgery. However, if you do experience any discomfort, over-the-counter pain medication should help.

Is Tenex Right for You?

You may be a good candidate for Tenex if you have been experiencing symptoms such as chronic pain for more than three months and nonsurgical treatment options, like physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, and corticosteroid injections, have been ineffective at providing you with pain relief.

Common injuries and conditions that Tenex can be used to treat include:

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Golfer's elbow (medial epicondylitis)
  • Overuse injuries
  • Patella tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis
  • Tendinopathy, including gluteal tendinopathy
  • Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)

For more information about the Tenex procedure or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rosenberg, please call (702) 731-4088 or request an appointment online.