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Online Guide to Foot and Ankle Care

Our fellowship-trained ankle and foot doctors at Desert Orthopaedic Center provide compassionate, exceptional medical care to patients experiencing foot or ankle pain and are committed to helping prevent, diagnose, and treat every one of our patients' foot and ankle conditions to get them back on their feet.

At Desert Orthopaedic Center, our number one focus is you. Our fellowship-trained foot and ankle specialists, Dr. Abdi Raissi and Dr. Troy Watson, pride themselves on educating our patients about their injuries and conditions as well as the surgical and nonsurgical treatments that are available so that our patients can make informed decisions as well as be active participants in their care.

To support this effort, we bring you this Online Guide to Foot and Ankle Care. In this guide, our patients can learn about conditions and ailments of the ankle, big toe, heel, midfoot, and toes as well as the different procedures and treatments available to treat them, including injections and surgery. Our online guide is designed for all of our patients, from dedicated athletes with sports injuries to those suffering from more common foot and ankle injuries and conditions.


Break free from foot and ankle pain and start your journey to better living by consulting with one of our foot and ankle doctors at Desert Orthopaedic Center. Our fellowship-trained foot and ankle specialists will work with you to find the source of your pain or limitation and provide the solutions you need now. 

For an appointment with one of our foot and ankle doctors, please request an appointment online or call (702) 731-4088.