Dr. Jessica Zarndt First Full-Time Female Team Physician for Raiders

Board-certified and fellowship-trained primary care sports medicine specialist Jessica Zarndt, D.O., was recently featured on local news sites the Las Vegas Sun and 3 News

The Las Vegas Sun article “Leveling the field: Las Vegas native smashing stereotypes as team physician for the Raiders” discusses Dr. Zarndt’s impact as a woman in the sports medicine field and how her experiences as the first full-time female team physician for teams at the University of Texas prepared her for her role with the Raiders. 

To read the full Las Vegas Sun article, click here.

The 3 News article “Raiders team doctor inspires other physicians and women” also discusses Dr. Zarndt’s influence as a woman in sports medicine, but further explores her beginnings and earliest inspirations to become a team physician.

To read the full 3 News article, click here.