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Online Guide to Back, Neck & Spine Care

The spine is an extremely important structure that affects your daily life in countless ways. At Desert Orthopaedic Center, we believe that knowing ways to promote spine health, how to prevent problems, and when to seek expert help is just as important.

As the region’s most preferred orthopaedic practice, we are dedicated to providing education, support, and care when you need it. To help you and your loved ones, we offer our Online Guide to Back, Neck & Spine Care for spine health awareness and helpful information regarding conditions and treatment options.

Our advanced specialists at Desert Orthopaedic Center include fellowship-trained spine surgeons Dr. Hugh Bassewitz, Dr. Thomas Dunn, Dr. Daniel Lee, and Dr. Archie Perry. Together, they deliver the highest quality and most cost-effective spine care for you and your loved ones, and their goal is to always ensure you receive the treatment and recovery plan that’s right for you.

Specialty-trained in the latest, evidence-based treatments, our spine care team has the expertise to provide you with streamlined, state-of-the-art surgical and nonsurgical care to help you feel better, stronger, and ready for your next adventure. Our experts have dedicated their practices to the specialized field of back, neck, and spine health. With a team approach, they will work closely with you to find the cause of your symptoms and develop your optimal treatment plan.

To support you and your loved ones as you approach care decisions, refer back to our Online Guide to Back, Neck & Spine Care to learn all about spine care management and the available treatments, prevent injuries and degenerative conditions, and get quick answers to frequently asked questions.


From chronic pain to injuries and conditions of the back, neck, and spine, we are proud to provide you with the specialized care you deserve. Our dedicated team of back, neck, and spine experts is ready to address your pain, numbness, or limitation to help you heal and move forward confidently.

To schedule an appointment with one of our back, neck, and spine surgeons, please request an appointment online or call (702) 731-4088.